Chef Tour: Kwame Onwuachi

Introducing Chef Kwame onKwame our Chef Tour.  9 chefs, 10 cities, and at the end of it all 1 will have a restaurant.

When life hands you lemons – you get on the 2 train to Manhattan and you sell the hell out of that lemonade. As a young man in the Bronx, Kwame Onwuachi got his start moving candy bars to fund his first catering operations. Not only is he a hustler, but he’s also a graduate from such fine kitchens as Eleven Madison Park and Per Se. With his collection of Nigerian roots and ultra fine dining experience, Kwame is about to take you on a trip that will not likely be seen again in this lifetime.


New York, New York

Current City:

New York, New York


University of Bridgeport, Culinary Institute of America

Past experience:

Eleven Madison Park, Per Se, Craft, Calexico, Coterie Catering

Best experience in the kitchen:

My first pop up restaurant in which I collaborated with my friend who owns an Ethiopian food distribution company. We did France meets Ethiopia, foie gras and berbere. It was amazing.

Dream Restaurant Concept

My restaurant would be very modern and clean cut. Mostly black and white. Black banquets, white floors, 80s paintings like jean michel basquiat, keith haring,etc.. No andy worhol though. My bar would have white barstools with a black slate bar top. The walls of the back of the bar would be covered in black porcelain tiles. They would look almost like mirrors in the dark. The walls in the kitchen would also have these black porcelain tiles with a single line of white tiles wrapping around the kitchen and the floors would be white. The food at my restaurant would be approchable but yet refined. I want to take flavors that people are familiar with and give it to them in unconventional methods. As well as taking methods people are familiar with with flavors they are not. I want fun food that people with a refined palate can appreciate. My food would always tell a story and it will be inspired by my life as well as my cooks lives. Things theyve seen or dreamed about, it all has to make sense. The menu will change weekly and we will also be based off of what we can get due to the season. The restaurant would be based in LA.