Chef Tour: Christopher Sorter

Introducing Chef Chris on our chef tour. 9 Chefs, 10 cities and at the end of it all 1 will have a restaurant.Chris Sorter

Let’s get one thing straight … Chris Sorter is a lady crusher. He steals hearts and styles your hair, right before he cooks a dinner maxed out with flavors that have never even been tasted before. He’s a modern-day Don Juan. But, keep your clothes on ladies – this lady killer is taken. And don’t worry dudes, he also crushes reps at the gym because it takes a real boss to toss around flavors this bold. This food is such a paradox of rustic and refined, there’s going to be brain explosions all over the building. Someone clean up this mess.

About the menu:

The menu comes from food that I like, but also the feeling of it. I love food that is too rich, too decadent. I like to cook whatever I want … it doesn’t have to be a mind blowing technique or need to be plated with 10 tweezers to look good. I want it to taste good and hopefully bring out some things that you have never tasted together. But, even if you have, you don’t care because it is delicious.”


Indianapolis, Indiana

Current city:

Nashville, Tennessee


Self-taught; Honors Beauty College – Cosmetology License

Past experience:

Lodge (Brooklyn), Whirleybird (Brooklyn), Rolf & Daughters (Nashville), Dinner Lab

Favorite Meal:

The Super Sampler at Roscoes Tacos

Dream Restaurant Concept:

“It will feel like it is someone’s place, not just anyone’s restaurant. I want to get a tight-knit crew to run the place, where the staff has multiple roles because they love what they do and can do more. A simple bar with classic great cocktails and top notch wine. The food will be the best of things and won’t be tied to a single concept. There will be a lot of simplicity as well. For me it isn’t just about one thing, it is about everything.”